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At FJK SPORTS, we understand the importance of having the right tools to elevate your game. Our extensive catalog features a diverse range of sporting goods, including top-of-the-line equipment for cricket,football, boxing, hockey basketball, soccer, tennis, and more. We meticulously handpick each item to ensure that you get the best performance and durability, no matter your chosen sport. Your one stop sporting goods store.

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"I recently purchased a sports bra from FJK SPORTS and I couldn't be happier! The quality is outstanding, providing the perfect balance of comfort and support for my workouts. The stylish design is a bonus! FJK SPORTS has become my go-to brand for activewear. Highly recommended!"


"I am thrilled with my purchase from FJK SPORTS! The sports bra I bought is not only incredibly comfortable but also provides excellent support during my workouts. The material is high-quality, and the design is stylish. FJK SPORTS has definitely exceeded my expectations. I will be a loyal customer from now on!"

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Vans is primarily known for its skateboarding shoes and lifestyle footwear. They have not been historically associated with baseball cleats. Vans is a popular brand that originated in California and gained widespread recognition for its iconic “Vans Authentic” and “Vans Era” shoes, which were initially designed for skateboarders but later became a fashion staple for people of all ages.

In the context of swimwear, “models” refer to the different styles or designs of Speedo swimsuits that are available for purchase. Speedo, as a well-known swimwear brand, offers a wide range of swimwear models tailored for various activities, preferences, and body types. Some common models of Speedo swimwear include:

  1. Briefs: Classic swim briefs are a form-fitting and streamlined style with a higher cut on the hips. They provide minimal coverage and are popular among competitive swimmers for reduced drag.

  2. Jammers: Jammers are longer swim shorts that extend down to the knee or slightly above. They offer more coverage than briefs and are commonly worn by male swimmers for training and competitive purposes.

  3. Trunks: Swim trunks are a looser and more casual style of swimwear, resembling traditional shorts. They are popular for recreational swimming and beachwear.

  4. Racerbacks: Racerback swimsuits have straps that come together between the shoulder blades, allowing for greater freedom of movement in the arms. They are often preferred by female swimmers for competitive swimming.

  5. One-Piece Swimsuits: One-piece swimsuits provide full coverage and are commonly worn by both men and women for various water activities.

  6. Two-Piece Swimsuits: Speedo also offers two-piece swimsuits, typically consisting of a bikini top and bottoms, designed for comfort and performance.

Keep in mind that Speedo continuously introduces new models and updates existing ones to meet the changing demands of swimmers and fashion trends. To see the latest Speedo models available, it’s best to visit their official website or check with authorized Speedo retailers.

Men’s sport boots come in various styles designed for different sports and activities. Here are some common types of men’s sport boots:

  1. Soccer Cleats/Football Boots: Soccer cleats, also known as football boots in some regions, are designed specifically for soccer players. They have studs or cleats on the outsole to provide traction on grass surfaces, allowing players to make quick movements and changes in direction.

  2. Basketball Shoes: Basketball shoes are high-top or mid-top sneakers with additional ankle support. They offer cushioning and stability to withstand the impact of jumping and quick lateral movements on the basketball court.

  3. Running Shoes: Running shoes are designed for jogging, running, and other forms of athletic training. They offer various levels of cushioning, support, and flexibility to cater to different running styles and terrains.

  4. Hiking Boots: Hiking boots are rugged and durable footwear designed for trekking on uneven terrain and challenging hiking trails. They provide ankle support, protection, and stability for outdoor adventures.

  5. Trail Running Shoes: Similar to running shoes but with added features for off-road running. Trail running shoes have rugged outsoles for better traction on uneven surfaces.

  6. Cross Training Shoes: Cross trainers are versatile athletic shoes suitable for a range of activities, including gym workouts, aerobics, and cross-training exercises. They provide stability and support for lateral movements.

  7. Wrestling Shoes: Wrestling shoes are lightweight and have a sock-like fit to allow wrestlers to maintain good contact with the mat while providing grip and flexibility.

  8. Boxing Boots: Boxing boots are designed for boxers and combat sports athletes. They are lightweight and provide ankle support and traction in the boxing ring.

  9. Golf Shoes: Golf shoes have spikes or cleats on the sole to enhance stability and grip while swinging the golf club. They are designed for use on grassy golf courses.

  10. Baseball Cleats: Baseball cleats are specially designed for baseball players. They have studs or cleats on the outsole to provide traction and grip on the grass or dirt field.

  11. Rugby Boots: Rugby boots are similar to soccer cleats but are typically sturdier to withstand the physical demands of rugby games.



SS Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat Short Handle (Short Handle, Super Power)


Product Description

The SS Super Power Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat is suitable for adult players with intermediate skills. This cricket bat has a well crafted Kashmir Willow blade with thick edges whose shape matches that of the best cricket bats to give you good pick up. The Sarawak cane handle is light yet strong and helps you control the bat better and make those powerful shot.

About this item

  • Weight:1180-1250 gms. Clear Grains.
  • Handle Type: Sarwak cane handle., Handle Grip Type: Hexagon Grip
  • Designed For: Club Matches/International Matches & Playing Level : Intermediate
  • Size: Short Handle
  • Bat Sticker Color may vary.

SS Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat Short Handle (Short Handle, Super Power)

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