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Electric vehicle charging station Near me in UK

At 1 April 2022, there were 30,290 public electric vehicle charging devices available in the UK. Of these, 5,494 were rapid devices. The Electric vehicle charging device statistics: April 2022 report provides further information on charging devices in the UK.

EV charging station map

This map shows the density of charging devices by local authority. Viewing options are all devices, devices per 100,000 population and rapid devices. Where a device has more than one speed of connector, it is classified as the highest-speed available.

Each map follows the same colour scale, with the bottom 20% of local authorities (the ones with the lowest number of devices) in pale yellow, and the top 20% in dark blue.

Use the radio buttons in the top right of the map to change view. Click on a local

This map shows the number of public electric vehicle charging devices in the UK. Data on charging devices was provided by the charging platform Zap-map, showing rapid devices reported as operational on 1 April 2022. The map was developed by the Department for Transport and is published alongside the Electric vehicle charging device statistics April 2022.

Population figures are the ONS Population Estimates for mid year 2020.

‘Total public charging devices’ represent publicly available charging devices at all speeds. ‘Total public rapid charging devices’ are those whose fastest connector is rated at 25kW or above.

Charging devices not open to the public, i.e. private or domestic chargers, are excluded from the map.

A charging device may have more than one charging connector and be able to charge more than one vehicle at a time, therefore these figures do not reflect overall charging capability.

Electric Vehicle charging cable by DELPHI PLV10001

Electric Vehicle Charging Cable

Electric vehicle charging station Near me in USA

A new interactive map developed by Esri identifies the locations of public electric vehicle charging stations nationwide. The map gives essential information like location and hours of operation.

click on map to see charging station near you

The map comes alive with hundreds of little pinpricks of light, each yellow pixel representing an electric vehicle charging station.

The interactive map, known somewhat unceremoniously as Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and U.S. Interstates, was developed by Esri, using data from the U.S. Department of Energy Alternative Fuels Data Center. It shows every public EV charging station in the nation, as of February 2022.

Electric Cars

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FAQ for EV
What is a fast charger for an EV?

A DC fast chargers are industrial-grade charging stations that provide increased amperage to your EV for faster-charging speeds

What kind of cable do people need for an electric car charger?

AC chargers are divided between two charging types: Tesla and J1772. To charge a Tesla, you need a Tesla charger, and to charge a J1772 EV, you need a J1772 charger. However, you can access the other charging protocol by using an adapter.

For EV car chargers does one size fit all?

No, EV chargers are divided between charging level and charging type. For example, for Level 1 and Level 2 charging (also known as AC charging), there are Tesla and J1772 charging standards. For DC fast charging, there are Tesla, CCS, and CHAdeMO charging standards.

Can a Tesla wall connector charge other cars?

Yes, but you would need a Tesla to J1772 Adapter.hd wallpaper, car, automobile-3321669.jpg

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