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Since 2015, FJ’K Sportswear has committed to proving an extensive collection of high-quality imprint able active wear and sports apparel to dropshipping store owners, retailers, wholesalers, and common customers.

It operates 6 distribution centers strategically located across the world which helps it ship goods as fast as one day to customers worldwide. Featuring high-tech active wear & leisurewear with sophisticated cuts, sleek designs, cutting-edge fabrics, and seamless craftsmanship. With the partnership with top dropshipping platform, FJ’K sportswear aims to offer an automated private-label solution that enables you to send any order to your customer with your store’s logo and hangtag.

The main product line offered by FJ’K consists of Yoga pants, Sports bra, TikTok leggings, leopard leggings, sportswear set, workout set, yoga gym shorts, jogger set, biker set, etc.

How to choose a Yoga pants

Whether you’re taking a yoga class, exercising outside, or just lounging around the house, yoga pants are a great choice of attire. With so many different styles, cuts, and patterns to choose from, it can be hard to pick the right ones! Thankfully, there are a few ways you can narrow down your search to select the perfect pair for your needs.

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How To Choose A Sports Bra

Do you know that wearing the wrong sports bra can lead to sagging and even soreness? Here’s how you can choose a right fit.
Do you know if your sports bra doesn’t fit you well and yet you keep exercising while wearing it, it can lead to musculoskeletal pain? We aren’t saying it, a study published in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sports is. 

In fact, another study published by the journal Support Care in Cancer says that if you don’t wear the right sports bra while exercising then the discomfort you feel can lead to breast cancer in future.
The good news is that a correctly fitted, high-support sports bra can significantly reduce breast movement, the risk of sagging, and reduce up to 85% of breast pain symptoms.8910

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