DTF Printing

What is DTF Printing?

DTF printing is an alternative to DTG or sublimation printing. Using a particular type of water-based ink, a film transfer is printed, dried, and then a powdered glue is put to the back and heat cured, ready for storage or immediate use.

The prerequisites for DTF printing :

  • PET films are utilized in the DTF printing process: These films are not the same as those used in screen printing, and these feature a 0.75mm thickness and superior transfer properties. In the market, these are frequently referred to as DTF Transfer Films. DTF films are available as Cut Sheets (which may be utilized on a small scale) and Rolls (used with a commercial setup). Another sort of PET film categorization is dependent on the type of peeling done after the transfer. Based on their temperature, the films are classified as either hot peel or cold peel.
  • Operating system: Software is a key component of the process. The Software has a significant impact on the print qualities, ink color performance, and final print performance on the cloth following transfer. DTF transfer would necessitate the use of specialist RIP software capable of handling CMYK and White Colors. The Direct to film Printing program controls the color profile, ink levels, drop sizes, and other aspects that contribute to an ideal print outcome.
  • The DTF printing powder is white and works as an adhesive to bond the colorful pigments in print to the fibers in the cloth. The DTF hot melt powder comes in a variety of micron grades. Based on the requirements, a suitable quality should be chosen.
  • DTF Printing Inks: These pigment inks are available in Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, and White hues and are specifically developed for use with DTF printers. The White Ink is a unique component that creates a white background on which the colorful pattern will be printed before it is applied to the film.
  • Commercial DTF systems employ Automatic Powder Shakers to evenly distribute the powder and to eliminate any leftover powder.
  • The curing oven is a compact industrial heating device used to melt the transfer film’s hot-melt powder. This may also be done with a heat press; however, it must be done in a non-contact mode.

The picture printed on the film is transferred to the cloth using the heat press machine. Also, it may be used to melt the DTF film’s hot melt powder.


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Showing 1–5 of 14 results