Cadlink Digital Factory 10 | Desktop DTF printers (Full Version)

£ 291.99


– Online Activation Code to make the trial software (installer) full version.*

*- Queue-based RIP and custom print modes let you automate your print workflows.

– Automatic generation of blank overprint (no need to configure in design program).

– KnockMeOut Black and Color to automatically remove backgrounds or black to match the color of garments.

– Import filters for all graphic image formats like; JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF, PSD, AI, PDF, EPS, SVG.

– Send to plugins for Corel, Photoshop, and Ai.

– Custom image editing tools, filters, and effects, to include GIMP (similar to Photoshop) included.

– Large image resampling filter.

– Single copy, tile, and step and repeat functions.

– Ability to add halftone effects as well as holes and stripes for better garment combinations (similar to white toner transfer printing).

– Hot folder and barcode support for automation/production.

– Color replacement tool and spot color support.

– CMYK + RGB workflows are supported.

– True 64-bit operating system support (Windows 7.1 / 8x / 10).

– Support for more than 20 languages, which would allow you to reach a much larger customer base.

*Supported desktop printers (12″ inches to 17″ inches):*

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Cadlink Digital Factory 10 for DTF Printers (Online Code Verification)


More than just RIP software, Digital Factory 10 offers high fidelity color printing and professional job preparation and management tools to streamline your production workflow from start to finish and make your machines run better. DF v10 is ideal for hobbyists, power print users, and professionals with production workflow.

RIP software with features specific for DTF transfer printing. This version is for 60 cm Wide Format Printers NOTE: CADlink is now a digital product not a physical dongle. Upon ordering we will email you a download link for the software along with an activation code. No Refunds or Exchanges

*Works only with Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (not available for Apple products).*


To learn watch video : DTF Printing CADlink Webinar of Digital Factory 10 Direct To Film Deep Explanation and Functions


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