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TexPrint® R Digital Dye-Sublimation Paper for Desktop Printing Looking to create high resolution, full color prints on a variety of substrates? Beaver Paper TexPrint® R All-Purpose Sublimation Dye Transfer Paper may be just what you need! This paper is designed for use with desktop printers and dye-sublimation technology, and can

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Best Electric Cars in UK 2022- New

Discover the future of driving Following the remarkable success of its previous edition the London EV Show 2022 is all set to take place from 29th November – 1st December 2022 at ExCel London, UK, the next edition of the London EV Show will once again bring the entire EV

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Electric Cars

Best Electric Cars in UK In 2020, electric car sales in the UK increased by 37%. The electric cars market is booming, according to the latest vehicle stats. Electric passenger car sales increased by 186% in 2020 and enjoyed a best selling year in 2021 against a market that was

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FJK Sublimation : Introduction


FJK Sublimation wholesaler of Sublimation Papers Printers & inks At FJK Sublimation, we understand the needs of specific clients in regard to certain sublimation paper types, different printing techniques, materials and applications. We offer several types of sublimation papers in different grammages and with different coatings, so that you can

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What Sublimation Paper should i use

What Sublimation Paper should i useWhat Sublimation means Have you ever seen those cool T-shirts with the designs that seem to be three-dimensional? Or what about the photos on coffee mugs where it looks like the image is actually inside the cup? This is all thanks to a process called

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