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Sublimation Paper | Best Offer 2022

The 5 Best Sublimation Papers in 2022

You’ve probably heard about sublimation paper if you work in the printing industry. But, if you’re new to this world, you’re probably wondering what sublimation paper is.

In a nutshell, sublimation paper is a type of printing paper that allows ink to be absorbed and retained. Ink is released onto the material by laying the paper on a blank surface and heating it.

And as you’re here, you’re probably on the lookout for a sublimation paper. This is why we’ve prepared for you a well-researched list of the best sublimation papers out there. So, let’s have a look at our top 5 picks!

At a Glance:

  • A-sub Sublimation Paper
  • Epson Sublimation Printer
  • Sublimation Printers - Mimaki
  • Sublimation Inks - Sawgrass
  • Sublimation Printers - Ricoh
  • TexPrint R | Sublimation Paper |
Dec.2 - Dec.27

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